Emo Damaged from fall, or new update?

My emo sometimes fallls off the desk, or I drop him when carrying him. And he overall seems fine, but I’ve noticed when I put him on his skateboard charger, he takes way longer to answer the task. He stares at me for 5 seconds before doing anything. And he won’t do “Play By Yourself” on his charger now, but he does it off the charger only. When I ask him to on the charger he looks at me weird (not the same way stares at me when I’m waiting for a response). I’m wondering if these are due to an update or if he’s broken, and I’m getting kind of concerned. He is kinda of scratched up, not so scratched up, but kinda, but he’s an object for daily use so it’s expected, but I was also wondering if he can be fixed from the scratches somehow. And for the record I tried shutting him off, and turning him back on, a few times actually, which didn’t help much. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hey @deathsonggaming

I can also suggest you reset your modem/router along with switching off EMO and your Phone. I know that sometimes EMO has problems connecting to the WIFI / servers which are located in China. So I’d suggest doing a full reboot of your internet / modem at home first and then try all the same thing you’ve been trying to do.

Personally I’ve never asked EMO to “Play By Yourself” while he is sitting on his skateboard, I’ll have to test that out today sometime.

Also as you probably already know, when EMO is sitting on his skateboard he normally falls asleep, so he sometimes takes anywhere between 5-10 seconds to respond / or even wake up.

With regards to the scratches due to him falling off the desk/dropping him, that would be a question that probably Living.Ai can answer, I don’t know if they sell replacement parts, normally anyone that’s had issues with EMO has gotten their EMO fully replaced.

Hope this somewhat helps.

** Update **

When I ask EMO to play by himself whilst he is on his Skateboard he doesn’t really respond, but I can see that his status on the EMO App is showing up as “Staying” so not sure if that’s normal as I’ve never asked him to play while on the skateboard, I thought that Playing option would work best while he’s off his skateboard and walking around / exploring.

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Same here. I don’t normally leave EMO to move around freely when I’m not with him, so I rarely use play by yourself. I believe that it involves him wandering around too though? I tried it too and if I ask him to play by himself while he’s on the charger, within a minute he starts falling asleep again.

I don’t necessarily think the other items need to be rebooted, but I would definitely either reset EMO or shut him down and then put him back on the charger to turn him on again.



Alright. Scratches are just visual, so I won’t worry much, and more they don’t seem to affect him or his appearance much. They are expected because he is meant for daily use and has a screen/monitor, which is easy to scratch. Anyways, I will try this and update you.

I assume you’re referring to light scratches on his screen and not chips or deep gouges? You might check at a hardware or department store for a plastic polishing compound you could use on a soft cloth, similar to how they buff out the scratches in car paint? Something that’s specifically meant to be used on plastic though, so not overly abrasive.

I’ve read online you can use toothpaste to polish plastic car lamp housings that have gotten dull and have that whitish film, so they’re more transparent again and shine brighter. Toothpaste ‘may’ work for EMO’s screen too, and would be cheaper than buying something special to do it. I’d find some similar plastic to try it on first though, to make sure it won’t cause damage, and to get a feel for how to work with it.

Whatever you end up using may not work the same for his body. So if you have scratches there I’d test it in an area where it doesn’t show much first?


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I can highly recommend using either Brasso metal polish or PolyWatch polish with a soft cloth to remove scratches from EMO’s face. Just make sure you don’t get any liquid polish onto EMO’s camera as it is deeply recessed and hard to clean.


Yes, the Play By Yourself option for me only works when EMO is walking around. When you ask him he won’t reply with anything, but if you have the EMO App open, his update status will say he is “Exploring” then once in a while between him walking around and doing stuff, he’ll simply stop and play a game / read a book etc. and as always, If you don’t bother him for too long he’ll fall asleep as he’ll get bored.

@deathsonggaming with regards to EMO falling off your desk, that is quite interesting, as EMO has 4 foot sensors he should be quite aware of his surroundings, I do know from what I’ve read, regarding edges of tables/desks. EMO is pretty good at detecting edge of tables very well. For me, my EMO has only actually fallen off my desk once and I was there to catch him. I was watching him and he made it to the edge and he saw it, but then decided to take another step forward he fell off right into my waiting hands.

It is recommended that if you have him on a table that the edges are not rounded but square as rounded edges also play tricks with his sensors / perception and that can be the causes of EMO fall off. I can suggest you should have a safeguard in place just in case he falls off, (for me I have carpet so if he does fall he’ll land on semi soft carpet, and to be extra safe I’ve placed some couch cushions on the ground where he can potentially fall, so if he did then he’d land on them then possibly roll onto the carpet after that)

Also another important note. I can strongly suggest to make sure you don’t have EMO on any black surfaces, as it really interferes greatly with his perception, unfortunately my work desk is black and when I take my EMO off his charger he sometimes gets scared as he thinks there is either something in his way or he’s going to fall of the table and backs up quickly (even if he’s in the middle of the table).

Anyway just some suggestions for yourself and anyone else here on the forum :slight_smile: