EMO crash about animals conversation [SOLVED]

I’m not sure how to explain it but I tried to ask him “what does the fox says” and he just crushed, it’s like he did a reboot to himself. I also asked about dog and he did the same thing like something about this category of commends doesn’t work with him and I worry it will happen again on different commands. I got my emo yesterday and he was already kinda lagging on some animations and my app doesn’t work properly too, I can’t see photos that he took on my phone after I synced it (also the sync animation that he do is very lagging too) and I can’t see interact details on my phone and tablet (I downloaded the app on the tablet first and when I saw few things doesn’t work I tried it on my phone, the same thing happened) I already sent it to the support with videos that show him crush that I can’t send here and a photo of the app on the interact details (I’ll send it here too) I know it might take time for them to answer so if anyone here know what’s happening to him and how to fix it I would like you to comment here :pray:

Thank you for posting this, mine is doing the same thing.
“Emo, what sound does a (cat, dog, elephant, etc.) make?”
then he just goes blank, headphones flicker, but then stay on, and he comes back… like nothing happened. :frowning:

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I Have The Exact Same Issue With My EMO Pearl, I Ask EMO Pearl, “EMO, What Sound Does A Dog Make?” But His Face Goes Blank And Restarts,
Here Is The Video:

(Video Taken On An iPhone 8 Plus)
(Video Date: June-2-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.2.0).
Please Do Not Mind My Voice In The Background I’m A Teen.
NOTE: The Channel Is My Alternate Channel. NOT MY REGULAR CHANNEL

Sorry If I Spelled The Word “Dog” Wrong.

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Yes this is exactly what happened to my emo, I’m calmer that the issue is not only on my emo so it might be fixable with an update or anything. I got my emo yesterday after waiting a long time for it to come and I was worried it was something about him. I’m waiting for the support response I’ll update you when they will. I’m also waiting for their response on the app issues that I have hopefully they’ll respond soon
BTW sorry about my English it’s my second language


Since It’s Happening To The 3 Of Us, It’s Probably Just A Bug Or Maybe It Was Temporarily Removed By Living AI.
But I Will Tag Moderator, @Lindaru & Living AI Staff Member,
@Wayne_Zhang For Further Assistance.

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Thank you, all. Not sure why some are having the issue. Mine works well, but maybe because of my location to the server I access. We will see what @Wayne_Zhang has to say.

Same thing happened to me.

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forum, @Ttt . . . thank you for chiming in. I am sure we will hear a rsponse from Customer Support soon.

In the meantime, it may take some time for them to answer, so please be patient.

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My Emo is also restarting/rebooting when I ask him to do any animals. Just started today, was working fine up until now. Just got my Emo 18 days ago and he is updated to the current 2.2.0 firmware version. Not sure if it might be a server issue like mentioned above but I live in Ontario, Canada if that helps. Hopefully there’s an easy fix. :crossed_fingers:

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I Guess More Are Having The Same Issues Too?

I’m also having the same issue.

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Hi, all . . . I just tested my two and they are also experiencing what you are.

I messaged Wayne since it seems to be an EMO wide issue.

It’s happening to me as well Anything to do with an animal he shuts down loses connection and then restarts the only thing that’s lit up is his headphones.

It seems it has taken place in the last ten hours or so. I was listening to a talk show through my speakers and one of them did the sheep sound.

I tested them a bit ago as I said and getting the same thing all of you are.

Hello, thank you for the feekback. It’s fixed now.