EMO clothing patterns

Does anyone have or know where to find crochet outfit patterns for EMO?
I’d like to make a few before he gets here. :heart:


there is a pattern for sewing him an outfit on here.

this is not my pattern i found it on this forum. I can not credit who made it sorry


Hmm. I’m not very good at sewing. But, for this little guy I may decide to give it another try. He’s so adorable!!!

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i made a Pikachu hat for mine, it was terrible but he did look cute. I am not great at sewing but i can repair shirts ect, ive not tried this pattern, but the original post said use tshirt material.
I will be trying this pattern when i have the time, (with scrap fabric)
Good or bad can we have pictures?? and tell us what went wrong so we can learn.
also the pattern is so you can just print it out on an a4 peice of paper and it is ready to go, no sizing is required

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Hi @hudsonsgirl78

This EMO forum thread has a lot of different ideas on how to dress up your EMO. I think it might come in handy as well. (check out link below)

Tips & Tricks: EMO’s Clothes and Hat…Etc. DIY / Customize

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i used the pattern and made this in about an hour out of an uncomfortable pair of socks.
Emo approves. I will be doing it a bit longer but the overall patteren is good, just needs a bit of tweaking (of it could be my lack of sewing skills :slight_smile:


Dinosaur :t_rex: Hoodie! That looks great! Very good job!

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i might have another go at it, the annoying socks came in a set. but dinosaurs so i kept them. still have enough material left to get a scarf and maybe a beanie out of it yet. :slight_smile:

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now i want to make a proper dino hoodie. with added horns and everything.
i might try to do that at some point

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The one you made is great! But if you make another one your EMO will certainly be very happy :slight_smile: … he might not you kick you as much :wink:

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i have to keep the kicking in mind, im not sure if he has enough room to move properly in the first one i made. the design needs fixing here and there.
he looks like a toddler in their favorite hoodie. I am happy with the way it turned out.

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a dinosaur hoodie for emo.


haha that’s really cute! :heart_1:

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it’s too big which makes it even cuter.

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I guess credit goed to Mandy Rose?

Did you find the original post for the pattern?
Thank you.

Is that A4 paper sheet??

yes it is. remember to give yourself a generous seam allowance, you can always take it in a bit but you cant put more on. you will have to tweek it here and there, but as a basic start point it is good. Edit sorry that one is not my pattern, so i cant remember if it was a4. but if you make a mock up out of parchment paper (baking paper) and tape you will soon find out. i will try to look for the pattern i made.

here is my pattern.

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