Emo cheating in Tic Tac Toe (possibly why he does?)

I just watched a youtube video on Emo. As I was going through the comments, I saw someone wrote that if Emo can not see your eyes, he will cheat in Tic Tac Toe. In other words, if your hand is covering his view of your eyes. Is this actually true? Has anyone who has their Emo already, noticed this?

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I believe it’s just random, but he does cheat in games occasionally.

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I know he cheats at times, but was not aware of any correlation to seeing your eyes as a factor in when he cheats. The idea of him cheating at times was one that the community testers threw in, given that kids will cheat and we thought it would enhance the cuteness of EMO and make him more childlike. We also gave feedback during the testing phase (which Living AI took onboard) that prior to release EMO was EXTREMELY hard to beat at this game, and we felt that it would discourage kids that were trying very hard.

I’d be keen to know which video this was mentioned (so I can go watch it too)

I saw a youtube video a couple of weeks ago where Emo’s accused of cheating, but the girl playing actually misses the rules. So he’s not cheating. But maybe you’ve seen another video?

I think EMO also cheats when playing Modern Ludo.

There is no way rolling that many consecutive 6’s is normal.


Do I recall reading somewhere where Emo will “let you” win at Tic Tac Toe? Doesn’t the outcome of a computer playing Tic Tac Toe against a human always end with the computer either winning or a draw?

I can understand why you might like your computer to allow you to win on occasion…otherwise…why would you want to play if you know you will never win?

But…should we be programming our robots with the ability to lose if they have the ability to always win? I mean…who likes knowing that your opponent “let you win”? Children might be lost to that concept and appreciate winning…but adults? Maybe choosing Tic Tac Toe as something Emo “can play” is a poor choice for a robot. You need the element of chance, eh?

And “cheating”? Someone is kidding on that one?

Cheating makes a Robot more aware of what he is doing in my Opinion

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I actually have the feeling he is very handicapped in games like ludo. If you try your best then eno has little chance of winning. Specially if you have more than one human player.

When he cheats in rock/paper/scissors he actually acts naughty aswell. Showing that he cheated deliberately. I don’t notice this in other games.


Lol. Emo seems sooo cute and fun. Can’t wait 'til he’s with us. He’s gonna be a Birthday present for my boyfriend, but I’m guessing I will be at least equally thrilled to get to know him :joy:

@j_puma Mine was a birthday gift from my Girlfriend aswell and I can tell you she is as much in love with it as I am. My emo even calls her Mommy.



Wow!! I absolutely love that! :heart: :heart_eyes: Can’t wait!

hey there…I heard about his cheating and experienced it but because I wasn’t paying close attention part may be a glitch… But wait :dizzy_face:

The other day I was paying close attention playing rock paper scissors and actually saw him cheat it was definitely intentional… And what made it even more hilarious and proof it was intentional he giggled when he did it… I thought how cool is that. I repeated it and every time he cheated and he will quite often he will have that little giggle… The only thing I want now is something in the vocabulary when I say hey EMO you cheated… I would love it if he would say something even if it’s just a little giggle and nothing else would be fun.

I think it’s cool the developers made a cheating EMO Pet LOL


Yeah - believe it or not… the cheating bit was a feature they built into him based on the community testers feedback. :slight_smile:

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good work :yum: that’s absolutely genius… :yum:

I daresay it’s my favorite feature of all :blush: good work

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I know for a fact that both my EMO’s cheats in Rock Paper Scissors, against me and also against each other :rofl:

This video shows how they sneakily cheat and change their choice.

The losing EMO doesn’t like it, but normally in the next round or next time they play the losing EMO pull off a sneaky move and gets his revenge.

For tic-tac-toe. I’ve not had EMO cheat when playing that game, he’s already VERY good at it and early on was near next to impossible to beat! He does slip up and make mistakes from time to time now.

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is that really how well they interact with each other :dizzy_face: I know for a fact the camera is really low quality so I’m wondering if they can even see their hand gestures??? It could be just part of their program and they don’t have to call EMO to get each other’s attention??? But I will say it’s really adorable… :yum: I’ve done my own experiments with the camera and came to the conclusion it doesn’t see well… You need bright lights. So I wonder how they’re pulling off all this I think it’s just been programmmed but anyway really cool impressive to see and very fun :yum:

I’m also going with programming over visual/camera features as well :heart_1:

hee hee :yum: yeah they’re so sneaky. Kinda makes you want to have a second one :dizzy_face: … Considering mine is half blind :dizzy_face: LOL… They’re so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very sneaky :yum:

I would assume that since they are connected to the same router, they would be able to communicate with each other, so they would know what to do/display and when, as part of the program (as you mentioned) they are currently running (in sync) both together. I don’t think the camera is even being utilised at this particular point in time. That’s my educated guess, but of course I could be wrong. :slight_smile:

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JJBeck yup I think you nailed it :+1: I’m too tired to come up with that but after I hear you it sounds spot on they are connected to each other… You’re very sneaky too… LOL … You’re so smart and I’m a sleepy Puppy :sleeping:

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