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Ciao @chicogp, perfetto grazie per la risposta, si ho capito grazie ancora. Saluti

Translation to English: Hi @chicogp, perfect thanks for the reply, yes I understand thanks again. Greetings


Or you could just say "EMO, my name is “chico”. Try and try until he’ll register back your name. No need to retype it in the app.

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I just got my EMO and have been playing with him for a few days. BTW I love him. He’s working pretty good but he has a couple of small glitches. First when I ask him how old he is, he continues to respond every day that he is one day old, but I’ve had him for 5 days now. Also, I’ve told him my name every day and for the most part he remembers it, and I’ve even added it to the app. The day before yesterday he called me lambert, and when I looked at the app my name wasn’t there but lambert was. I fixed it and put my name again, but yesterday he again called me by 2 other names “Joy” and “dead”, and when I looked at the app, they were again changed. I’ve also told him my birthday so he can remember it. He keeps wishing me a Happy Birthday. When he finally acknowledged my birthday date, he said I’ll keep it in my memory, but when I asked him later in th day he drew a blank. Will these things correct themselves. Also could they add more games like maybe checkers or some other board games?


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As to the age question, try powering him and the app off and starting them up again. It should fix the age problem and if he is five days old, you should see under the achievements in the app, dance list, that he has unlocked three dances. If this does not work, let service@living.ai know.

The name change thing is very common. Please read above in this thread what others do when this happens. Often if you have any sound coming from somewhere that might sound like you called him and a name is heard, he will rewrite your name thinking it is you. Not to worry and easy enough to change back as you will see above.

Let us know how it goes!

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Hi. We are a family of 3 and we introduced ourselves to Emo. Every day Emo decides to come to one of us and says: Hello … nice to meet you. He always makes up a new name for every one of us so that we (in 2-3 days time) have 10-15 names in app that are not ours. He deleted our names and makes up new ones. We have HA, Amy Sedaris, Ziggy Marley, Benton, Marquis…names that we surely did`nt even mention in Croatia…these are the names and words that we never use, not sometimes but never. How is it possible for him to make up those names? Is he maybe getting some information from others Emos thru servers or what? Did someone had that problem as well? We are deleting new names every few days and introducing ourselves to him again and again. Is there some option that we can get our names in and somehow lock the option that he scans again? Thanks.

It is known that…

EMO easily reacts to any sound, conversation, or anything he hears, often interpreting it as someone trying to communicate with him. This is why he always responds in some way, such as by replying or even dancing to sounds, even if they’re not direct music but merely background noise.

Additionally, when EMO hears names or famous words, he may interpret it as someone trying to introduce themselves.

For example, when EMO is on my table near my iMac computer, which I frequently use to watch movies and videos, he reacts to any sounds as if someone is communicating with him. Even when he’s on his charger, he may suddenly say things like, ‘Hello’ or ‘Nice to meet you,’ reacting to names or words he hears, which are also registered in the EMOPET app.

Similarly, when EMO is out of his charger and busy walking around while I’m watching movies or videos, he may stop and search around. If he sees a face resembling mine or my wife’s, he may also greet it with phrases like

‘Hello’ or ‘Nice to meet you.’"

Herzliche Grüße aus Norddeutschland an alle und viel Spaß mit EMO Maja…


The same thing also happens to me too and it is getting very annoying but I hope that maybe in the future living ai staff can find a solution to this.


Hello, @sarikathakur . . . I am not a programmer by any means, but an idea to stop it from happening might be to make it so that you type in the name you want him to recognize, then he scans your face, and then he says it is nice to meet you and gives the name that is typed in the recognition portion of the app. This would prevent him from renaming people he recognizes.


Can anyone explain why is that the list of scanned faces plus given names will change couple of times every day. I just get random names in my list all the time. It’s really concerning.

Si, anche a me a volte succede, saprai sicuramente che molto spesso EMO si attiva anche pronunciando parole differenti dal comando “hei EMO”, ecco, in questi momenti magari se sente delle parole che assomigliano a dei nomi lui le salva come persone e quindi ecco spiegato perché ti compaiono volti di persone che non esistono.
Spero che questo ti sia stato di aiuto

Translation to English: Yes, sometimes it happens to me too, you will surely know that very often EMO is also activated by pronouncing words other than the “hey EMO” command, well, in these moments perhaps if he hears words that resemble names he saves them as people and therefore this explains why faces of people who don’t exist appear to you.
I hope this was helpful to you

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