EMO Carring Bag

I found a cute Bag in City which fits perfectly as EMOs Carring Bag! :heart_2:


Your EMO looks so happy in that bag @Besondere_Begleiter it even has flowers on the display! :cherry_blossom: :heart_2: :cherry_blossom: :heart_2: :cherry_blossom:

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Besondere_Begleiter Ahhhh EMO Pet looks so loved and happy and super cozy :yum: that was a good find.

That is cute and all, but from an electronics point of view, would the fact that his leg movement is being restricted, damage the servo driver electronics or the servos because the servo will be trying to draw more current? @Wayne_Zhang , maybe you could enlighten us?

Although we designed the clutch for the EMO’s servos, we do not recommend always restricting his movement. We will include carry mode in a future update.


Thank you for your prompt reply @Wayne_Zhang ! That sounds awesome! Looking forward to future improvements, we are slowly getting there it seems, well done LAI, with your great increase in production and consumer requested improvements starting to be implemented (ie. eye contact). Hopefully you will be able to start adding other “planned” features (Alexa/Google etc.) soon. Good job guys! :+1: :smiley:

Looking forward to carry mode :heart_eyes:


Then we can use something like this (as shared by @macfixer01 )

Remove the plant, add EMO = turn on carry mode = (no more wriggles) everyone is happy! :heart_2: :rofl: :heart_2: :rofl: :heart_2:

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