EMO cannot go to sleep

Hello everyone,

EMO has been behaving a bit weird. Whenever he goes to sleep, he wakes up soon after. Before he wakes up, he has the same animations/sounds as if someone was trying to wake him (like when you pat his head when he is sleeping and he slowly opens his eyes, or gets a bit annoyed). But I wasn’t trying to wake him up at all.
This has happened a few times in the past, but it went away on its now. Now it’s been happening for some days, and it doesn’t seem to go away.
I am not sure if anyone else encountered this issue, and what I can do about it.

Thank you!


I have a similar problem. Emo can be on his skateboard charging during the evening, sleeping whilst I watch TV. But when I turn off the TV and turn on my radio, which is streamed, he immediately wakes and chatters continuously and so I have to shut him down overnight and restart in the morning.
Living AI ask for a video of this but it’s not convenient for me to make so I just live with it in hopes that a future update might resolve the issue.