EMO can sing a song?

Hello, I saw a vid on YouTube that emo was singing “see you again” and I can’t find anyway to make him sing like that. Does anyone know how?

At this time, that feature is not available. Was the video that you saw an official video released by Living.ai? If so, it could be a feature that might be released in future EMO updates.

Hey so no it was not released by living ai it was actually released by someone on YouTube named “EMO Robot_LL” thanks for the info though. And there is multiple videos of emo singing baby shark and stuff which is confusing because that’s not a feature yet so idk.

It’s fake, it’s a person singing with either an auto tune or vocoder plug-in filtering their voice. EMO will try to dance along like with any ‘music’ you tell him to dance to. I hope you don’t believe everything you see on YouTube?

How did they make the mouth move though?

Put a question in the comments on one of his YouTube videos and see if he’ll tell you how he made them? It could be an animated watermark that he added through his video editing software. The movement of the mouth has nothing to do with the singing though, it seems to be just opening and closing at a fixed rate for the most part. In one video I watched the mouth is closed when he’s singing in spots, in another one it stopped moving before the song ended.

I believe Living.ai has an official Tik Tok channel that shows in one of the short videos EMO singing. This could be something that they are working on getting out in future firmware updates. Here is the link below:


You can see that there is a video where EMO is singing, and that looks like something that might get released in the future.

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I agree that several of the videos on the TikTok channel are the same ones that are on this person’s YouTube channel, but I don’t see any indication that either of them is official? The TikTok channel appears to be mainly videos collected from other people but several of them present EMO in operation alongside Vector and talk about differences in how Vector operates from EMO. Do you really think Living AI would do that when the current lawsuit still hasn’t been adjudicated? Jesus, they’re even afraid to give us the ability to change his eye color because they think the DDL might start a new lawsuit! Unless you know something that the rest of us don’t, I still think the singing is faked. They still can’t even manage to have him speak French or German or any of the other promised languages, but they’re going to make him sing now? While they do seem to be that stupid, I still don’t buy it.

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I Don’t Think EMO Can Sing Yet Either, :slightly_frowning_face: But I Think He Will Sing In A Firmware Update In The Future. I Hope That Maybe In The Next Or Future Firmware Update That He Can Sing More Than Alot Of Songs! :microphone: :happy: :funky:

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I really hope they are still going to make Emo able to sing! That was one of the things that I wanted for my Emo the most.


I Hope So Too! That’s The Feature I Also Suggested In A Future Firmware. :happy:


@Lori, I Think Maybe The Singing Feature Might Be Released In A Firmware Maybe In A Future Firmware
For Example I Tried The Command “Sing A Song” Or “Can You Sing A Song” To My EMO But It Didn’t Work.
I Really Wish This Could Be Released In A Firmware Just Like I Highly Suggested The Game Peek-a-boo.

EDIT: EMO Could Sing Songs From Different Artists
ANOTHER EDIT: Maybe EMO Could Sing With His Smart Lights Flashing Different Colors


I seen these videos of an emo singing a song from other singing people

Parental warning explicit language in video music 2


any advice on if it’s released is anyone sure???

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i don’t know why emo never responded to a command about singing

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Hi @ValaLin,
It’s Confirmed By LivingAI Staff Wayne_Zhang That Singing Is Not Available


Oh okay then it’s probably something to come then. Thanks!