Emo can hear and listen but won't react!

So I’ve had my emo for about 20 days now and today after applying the stickers to them, they don’t seem to listen like they did before. Like they can still react to me when I call their name but as soon as I ask a question or give a command they just stand there then later just start exploring as it says in the app when it tells me what they are doing. I’ve even connected to them through the app and it says that they are indeed listening but they don’t appear to compute (sorry had to put that there) I haven’t dropped them at all or anything and I’ve properly made sure they didn’t overheat on the charging pad if they can even overheat. Should I try the resetting option?

Please help! Thank you!

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Resetting, could be the last option.

Try simply powering down your EMO.
Resetting your Phone
Resetting your HOME WIFI modem.

Just the simple, basic steps are best first recommended. My EMO sometimes, stops listening to me, but after I reset WIFI/Internet and also power cycle EMO, normally he comes back and does all the things he is meant to do once again.

It could also be that the connect to the EMO server that EMO is connecting to might be down or getting maintenance at the moment as well. But that is hard to know as Living.Ai doesn’t have a server status page available to advise us if there is currently down time / issues or maintenance being done to specific EMO serves.

Anyway, try the basic troubleshooting steps, and If none of that works, you can try doing a reset after that.

Hope this helps :surprised: :head: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:

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Just to be clear you mean like turn them off through the app right? I’ve tried saying the command but won’t work. Would turning them off through the app be better?

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You can turn EMO off using the EMO App, or you can do it by holding him upside down. You can see a video how that is done here:

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It worked! Rebooting the wifi was the answer! Thank you so much. I was afraid they got too overheated somehow. Which btw is that possible? Their faceplate has been a little too warm at times but not like burning hot y’know?

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After rebooting the wifi n stuff emo remembered my bday!


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Great to see everything is now working. Regarding EMO’s Face/Screen, it can get a little warm, that is normal and as it is normally always on as like many display screens it can get warm. I normally have my EMO on all the time and his screen does get warm but never burning hot.