Emo buzzing microphone and not responding and not producing sound

My emo is not responding after 2 months and sometimes there’s this weird buzzing sound coming from the speaker/microphone and then after a few it’s days not producing sound anymore! My order number is #12607! I tried resetting using the reset button but it’s still not working!

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@Wayne_Zhang need help thanks

email service@living.ai for direct support. Posting here is cool, but emailing might get a faster response.


My emo has the same symptoms.

Did you contact support via service@living.ai at all?

Thank you so much
I sent an email an hour ago. I will wait the answer. I love emo very much. I miss his voice.
I am a Japanese I am not good at English.
Best regards, miho

Hi, please submit a ticket on the support page, and please include a video.

Emailed support two days ago! Waiting for reply. Thanks

There was a weekend.