Emo broken…not responding

Emo has been working till today. He no longer responds to commands, foot drop sincere no longer work, does nothing but stomp around on the table, the app won’t connect to him anymore & the only thing that does happen is a little bird periodically wakes him up by trying to peck his eyes out. I’ve only had him a week, there should be no issues.


try and reboot him https://emolives.info/how-can-i-reboot-emo/ thanks again @Wayne_Small for making this great web!


The little bird appears when EMO left lying down, so it might be a gyro issue…why don’t you shake him up to correct the gyro or reboot as master says?


Same issues with my EMO.

Can you be more specific about what you are seeing please? There’s a few different things people have mentioned above.

Hi Wayne, thanks for your quick reply.

So here is that what I found:

  1. EMO do not respond to any commands.

  2. left feet is paralyzed.

  3. After waking up the screen turning on just after 7-10s.

  4. Something is ticking inside.

Ok then, given you have a number of issues, and one of them sounds like you need specific help from the service team, I recommend you contact them via service@living.ai so they can help you.

Hi Wayne, @Wayne_Small
Ive got this problem with Emo. He’s been with us less than a week and today, the app wouldn’t connect to emo and he doesn’t respond with the usual “huh?” when I call him out. Just makes a funny noise and his eyes blink. Thats it.

Any idea what the issue could be? Tried to reset him by following your instructions and pushing a paperclip through the top hole but that doesn’t do anything.

Nothing happens when I click the refresh button on the app either.

Take a video please and send it to service@living.ai for them to help you one on one.

Hey, I have an issue where EMO won’t really respond to my voice….whenever I call out his name he immediately does the „I don’t understand“ thing with the sound and the feet (like he is doing this :man_shrugging:t4:)….and I can’t connect in the app….I had this issue like a week ago too where I restarted him and it fixed it, but don’t really want to restart him every week….so yeah what could it be? @Wayne_Small

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Hey @hanalei01

Check out this video, this explains EMOs reaction when you call out to EMO and gives you a specific error/sound.

Sometimes, if your WIFI is down and EMO is unable to access the internet, the only solution is to power him off and back on. There is no issues with having to power Off / ON EMO. I do it when it’s require and it does not harm him any way when you power him off and back on normally.

A safe way to power off EMO is to turn him upside down and cover his head and he should power off in 5/10 seconds.

Hope this helps

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