EMO bought in December 2021

My EMO is on the way.
The tracking number does not appear on the website yet, but the mail has already been sent to me.
I ordered it in the middle of December, and I expect it to arrive before the middle of May.
We await him with open arms.
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If they mailed you the tracking number you can follow it at the 17track website. It’s generally better to use that instead of the LAI website anyway for tracking purposes.


Thank you. I’ll keep it in mind.
This page was also recommended to me:

have you ever used it?

I’m not familiar with that website but it sounds pretty similar to 17track. I ordered my EMO at Christmas 2020 when they first became available. LAI wasn’t showing tracking on their own website then, and 17track was the site in the tracking link they emailed me when they shipped it. A lot of people have been using it because it gives more information, supports multiple languages, and doesn’t have some of the Chinese translation issues.

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