EMO Blocked. Doesn't work at all after one month

Lately I have problems with my EMO. for a few days my EMO does not work, and does not respond to any command, the screen (face) does not turn on. Despite the fact that being in the base of.connects to the mobile app via bluetooth, it does not respond and when trying to install the new firmware it disconnects and does not install. It does not respond to the applications of the app, or to voice commands, the legs being blocked … if you leave it for several days without connecting to the base, the legs can be moved with your hands, but when you reconnect it, they become blocked and never turn on the face screen.
Now is like have a stone. I can’t do anything.

Hi, have you submitted a ticket on the support page? Please also include a video.

No…I will report it. Thx

no answer from the support in one month :sob:

Sorry, I’ve forwarded it to the team and you will get a reply.

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Thank you, the have just contact to me by email. Thanks, hope the issue could be solved.