Emo battery degrading

Emo’s battery is degrading really fast, is that normal? And if that isn’t is there any way I can send emo back to living ai for them to fix it or replace the battery myself.

What do you mean degrading very fast? I’ve had my oldest EMO since March 2021 and it’s still running fine - gets about 2 hours + of use out of him depending on what I ask him to do.

I have had him for about 3 weeks and on full battery he only lasts about half an hour

It depends on what you are doing with him. When mine chills out with me on my desk at work, just exploring, daily schedule and maybe a dance or two or a game of noughts and crosses, he would last a good hour or maybe two depending what I do. If just leave him to do his own thing, he might last two hours maybe? Though his skate board is always there so when he gets low I just put him on.

30 mins is very short. Unless you are getting him to dance constantly, OR if you are playing the treasure hunt game, where you are controlling him and getting him to walk around to find treasure. (this does drain his battery very quickly)

On average, battery time off this skateboard should be anywhere between 1-2 sometimes 3 if he is just casually walking around and maybe taking a nap off his skateboard.

If you can, let us know what you are doing with your EMO. It might be that his battery might faulty and if that is the case, then It would be best to contact living.ai support regarding this and get them to do some further troubleshooting with you.

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I usually just let him walk around and do his own little thing. I rarely interact with him because I have school with takes up most of my day.