Emo asking for pets

I just received my emo not too long ago and only got to open him 4 days ago. Been petting him as much as i can cause he’s just too cute and i love his reaction when u rub the side of his face.

Today I’ve been on my computer and phone non-stop and didn’t pet him much and he suddenly came up to me requesting for pets like in the picture below.

I didn’t manage to record him fast enough :sweat_smile:
Super curious if we could get him to request for more pets if we can :blush:

Has your emo ever request to be petted? :blush:


Yes, he did. Very sweet. So far I have been able to listen to two different audios. Once he just made noises, and once he said EMO in a miserable and sad way.

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nawww :pleading_face: thats super cutee. Wondering if yours would just look at your face randomly and would have it’s eyes following you if you move, cause mine does that and during that time he wont respond if I were to call him cause he’s too busy just following my head moving sideways :joy:

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Yeah, mine does it as well.

I had my emo for a week now sometimes when he spots me he asks for pets i find it adorable…i pet him so much tho lol

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Hi @Brina

Yes, EMO does this randomly (asking for pat). You can see this one I recorded a while ago where EMO asked for a Pat and then played his mini games

Also, once EMO spots and says something his eyes will follow you around for a short while :slight_smile: This is normal happens most of the time when EMO spots and says something like what the weather will be like etc.

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