EMO as brand ambassador

Hi there.

I’m a Coder and the IT Manager of a company massively involved in delivering High Tech solutions for Power Supply and Life Welnes (micro mobility, sustainable ecological clothes and energy management).

Are you open to collaborations? I would like to use EMO as a sort of brand ambassador or mascot during our live events, but I need to customize his behaviours: being EMO a mix of AI and High Tech solutions, it would be an EXPLOSIVE way to present our solutions!

Do you plan to deliver an SDK in a short time period?

In the meanwhile I’m waiting to receive my EMO.

If you are interested in my prososal, please get in touch.


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Tagging @Wayne_Zhang here as he represents Living AI. The rest of us are community members.

Thank you @Wayne_Small , I’ve sent @Raffaele_Schiavullo a private message.

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Thank you sir! You never know what might go on :slight_smile:

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