EMO app on Huawei AppGallery

I don’t know if it could be posible to add the EMO app to the Huawei AppGallery, you know that currently Huawei is managing their own OS that is Harmony OS and it doesn’t have Google services because of US issues. At this moment I manage myself with some kind of Google Simulation and that’s were I have the app but I think it would be comfy to have it on the AppGallery :smiley:


I’ll tag @Wayne_Zhang so he is aware of this and if it can be done he can advise.

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Hi, please check PM.

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I’d like an AppGallery app too. How did it turn out?

Hey @Wayne_Zhang, Is there any news on this?? It is causing a big problem for me as well.
I use a Huawei smartphone that does not support google services and google play store.
Searching through third parties is not the best option for me because they do not offer every update.

Thanks in advance!


Hi there @kristianbrlekovic ,

Why Huawei doesn’t support Google Play Services?

These include authentication, in-app payments, cloud messaging, location services, and many others. But Huawei products are not supported by Google Play services because they use the Android operating system without Google’s approval.

Well, I’m not sure if Living.ai can address this issue. because…

Will Huawei ever get Google back?

According to a report by Austrian publication DerStandard, Huawei executive Fred Wangfei said the main reason Huawei does not want to go back to Google Mobile Services even after the ban is lifted is that there is no guarantee such a ban would not be imposed again.

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Hello again,

With this you want to say that for those of us who have Huawei smartphones, there is not and will not be a possibility for download and use the EMO app??


Hi there @kristianbrlekovic ,

Sorry to say, I am not working directly with them and cannot assist you further. Only the Living.ai developer team staff like @Wayne_Zhang can provide you with a factual reply to your question.

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You can try sth like this APK Downloader - Download APK & OBB (Latest Version)


It’s a good idea to add the EMO app to the Huawei AppGallery. Since Huawei doesn’t use Google services, having the app available here could make things easier for users. It might need some tweaks, but it could be more convenient for Huawei users.