EMO app keeps crashing

Everytime I try to connect to EMO thru the app, it crashes when it says bluetooth connecting succesfull.
I have tried to uninstall the app, and rebootet my phone but nothing works.
Am I the only one with this issue??

BTW I have a Samsung Gallaxy S21


When the above happended, I was not home on the usual wifi.
I tried again when I got home and then it worked.
I will try to take EMO from home again another day and see, if it happens again

Hi Minime,
I have exact the same problem.
When the app says Bluetooth connection succesfull the app crashes.
I have tried this on a Samsung S10 Android version 11 and on a Samsung Tab A7 Android version 11
Both the same issue.

Customer support does not respond.

I have also an other issue with Emo’s left leg.
It is shaking constantly.

Also no succesfull answer from customer support.
They only send me a debug app.
Wich had no result.

I am a little bit disappointed.
And now I can’t do anything with EMO, he has also lost the WIFI connection. :sob::sob:

The same thing happens to me too I can’t get it to work it crashes all the time, I ask for help

It only happens too me, when I’m not at home.
It is after the new update, before that it worked fine

When I am home it’s working like a charm

Hi, I experienced the same issue, but I don’t think this was because of the last update, I try with a 1.1.0 Emo and both 1.0.7 and of the application.