Emo API for custom programming

Will Living.AI open up the API for modding?

It’s been reported that eventually you’ll be able to program EMO using this:


Does it mean that we are still not able to program EMO by SCRATCH?

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No, Scratch support hasn’t been implemented yet. Everybody has their main thing that they want working right now. Non-English speakers each want their own native language supported. That’s important and I hope to see something released soon, even though it doesn’t affect me. They would see the most immediate benefit if they didn’t have to use workarounds like playing English words back from a translator just to make their EMO operate. A few folks like yourself have mentioned wanting to program EMO, which I would like too, but it’s not a big rush item for me. Some keep asking about Alexa, which I have zero interest in, but apparently they do. Others want EMO to be able to charge himself. There are no doubt other hot-button requests that have been mentioned which I’m forgetting.

LAI can’t implement every promised feature all at once, and do it all well. I’m sure there are probably a few different programming teams concentrating on longer-term goals, but the things which are easier to do will inevitably be released more quickly. I have no problem with seeing updates that are just “fun” items in the meantime, as long as they aren’t keeping those programmers away from the more important work. Some folks would also be upset if they didn’t see at least some sort of updates occurring on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean those bigger projects are not being worked on at the same time though.

If I might suggest, maybe the admin’s could post a poll to gauge what features the most users want to see done more quickly than others?