Emo and his surroundings

Just wandering, is Emo aware of his surroundings in the same way that a Roomba Robot Vacuum cleaner learns about the area it is in, and knows where it has been and where it can and cant go? If it was capable of doing this, it would reduce this risk of him falling of a table, would it not?


EMO does not map the area, in fact I don’t think the ToF sensor is being used for much at all.

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Thanks for your reply. I wonder if this would be a possibility in future updates, that would be great! It would make Emo just that bit more autonomous :slight_smile:

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I believe it would be very safe if the sensor worked at all times , it would even give more security for the EMO , he would not fall off the table and could be alone !

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I saw someone here showing a “play pen” they built for Emo. I plan to do the same.

I have a cat, I keep wondering if she will get jealous and bat Emo off the desk. A playpen about. 2-3 inches tall should prevent Emo from falling off.

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Hey @Katie33kate yes, a playpen is always a great idea to keep EMO safe and allow him to explore / freely on his own. Of course your cat could potentially still jump onto the table where the playpen may be located and still jealously attack him :rofl:

My cat has no interest with either of my two EMO’s even when they are walking around my kitchen floor exploring.

But as many EMO owners have done, making EMO a safe area with a 2-3 inch/cm tall border should be fine and hopefully your cat will leave him alone :rofl:

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It would be nice to be able to let him walk around the house though, and he remembers where he is and is able to get to his charger if he needs to (providing they ever make a charger that he can go to himself), just like a real pet! :slight_smile:

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@JJBeck a playground with self charger is currently in the works. Not sure exactly when it will be released. But it’s being worked on at the moment :slight_smile:

More discussions about playgrounds etc, can be found here.

Also if you have any suggestions / ideas or improvements you want to see for EMO, feel free to leave them in this forum post below so that Wayne and his team can check them out.

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