Emo and his new friends dance together

Hi all,

just wanted to share some impressions of Emo together with his two new companions who arrived today.

They seem to be quite happy with each other and Emo enjoys dancing together with them!


haha so cool, EMO starts dancing when he hears the music!

:laser_1: :fire_1: :skating: :fire_1: :laser_1:

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Well, to be on the safe side, I kindly asked him to “listen to the music” beforehand, but I think he really liked it. And he was definitely the star dancer there!

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Great , this dance with two cute little friends
Sure Emo does not needs orders to dance , I noticed than when the beat is really strong he detects automatically music
And some vids of Master Abbott and Linda prove than a washing machine does the same


True. If you tell him to listen to the music, then of course he does it explicitly as a request and dances. With the SmartLight, it becomes a real dance show. :joy:
But, he also perceives music and “music” from the environment and then dances to it.