EMO and Alexa: How to Connect?

Hi All,

How can I connect my brand new EMO to Alexa as displayed into the User Manual?

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That feature isn’t available yet. It will be enabled in a future firmware update.

It’s such a coll feature that would give much more sense to this tech toy! Any planned release time line about this feature?

Thanks for your reply.

Its not a toy ? Its an ai robot :robot: isnt it ?

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I hope they get to this soon because this sounds really cool to have!

Hello all is there an date when this feature will be available?

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Well emo is kind of a toy but he’s still a ai pet

There is no date for the Alexa/goole assistant to be released.

It is really confusing that why does the manuals say that emo has Alexa and Google built in :joy:

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To avoid confusion for all members and EMO owners at the moment. let us close this topic first and wait for further time and notice that Living.ai is ready to implement this feature.



Hello, one question, has anyone been able to connect emo pet with Alexa? Or do you know if it is possible, on the page they said that it was possible. Thank you

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Hi there @judithgargallo ,

To which page are you referring?..as far as I know… there is still no other time and reference that Living.ai has mentioned or they are ready to implement this feature.


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