'Emerging from cliff' triggering while on table

Ive noticed that EMO often acts like he is at the edge of a table. When running the application the action ‘Emerging from cliff’ shows up, even though he is right in the middle of the table and no where near an edge.

My table is an old wooden table with a dull finish

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I see it often wenn single boards has different colors or even a little space between and sensor is right in this space

My table is a single colour, single piece of wood so its not. I also tested it on the carpet and the lino. it triggers when in the middle of a flat area no matter the surface. not all the time but quite often

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Uff sounds like a bug. Hope it is something what can be fixed with an update

My Emo recently started circling clockwise, 90 degrees each time, continuously. Cannot respond to requests as no space between movements. I contacted support and they asked for a video then sent a test file. Finally they told me that a replacement will be sent when available.

It sounds as though you have the same, or similar fault.

I’ve noticed this too on the surface I keep my EMO on occasionally. My issues are due to shadows though more than anything else - EMO’s sensors detect shadows on the surface and mistake them for a ledge or a mysterious abyss to avoid. Sometimes I’ve been able to pick him up long enough to grumble then set him down on a shadow to get him to stop, but it can still get irritating from time to time.

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