Early version of Emopet

Hello All:-)

I have just been given an early version of Emopet and it states “Emopet” on the box as opposed ot just “EMO”. I have not opened it yet as I am unsure if I can update it? I read somewhere on this forum that early versions of Emo cannot be updated after a certain time frame which I think has passed.

Can anyone please clarify this for me?

Thank you again in advance:-)

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I have not yet seen any early packaging that uses the “EMOPET” on the outer sleeve.

All the original sleeves only had “EMO”.

But I have noticed that the Living.Ai website has a graphic of the sleeve which shows the “EMOPET” branding, so I would guess that it is a very new packaging which means the EMO within would be a newly minted EMO.

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Please post photos of what you are talking about so we can help advise.

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From what I can tell the OP is referencing the packaging outer sleeves.

This is the one that I know of which is from the original release.

And this is the graphic being used on the website.

I’m not even sure if the “EMOPET” outer sleeve is even an actual “real” thing.


Mine came with this box with the name EMO

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Looks like just some concept art, that was made before they had the real product available? Notice EMO is as big as the box is in that picture! That’s like there is actually a scene in one of the videos on the website where it shows a computer animation of EMO riding by on his skateboard, and he’s facing the wrong direction on the board. A bit of artistic license I guess?

Funny, as I was inputting that using speech to text, EMO decided to take a picture! It’s a little cooler today so I don’t have the desk fan on, which usually prevents him from hearing anything.

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That is the official released version of artwork. I have a pre-release box that Living AI shipped to me with my original tester EMO. The wording on the box was then corrected to what it is today (the pictures @mariomart posted are the current shipping boxes). The box with EMOPET on it in large letters to my knowledge was a graphic used for the living ai website only. Obviously @Wayne_Zhang is the final answer on this, but I would suspect that no one has a box with EMOPET on it.


Hi, you can open it and it can update to the latest version, don’t worry.