Dreaming about my potential with Emo

I will be emailing Living AI if I can use Emo for free in my little films and projects.
The thing is i never get money for it it’s me who is paying for licences but for only £300.
But I couldn’t afford to pay Living AI millions lol.
So I will ask 1st.
Here is a clip I’m working on now.
This has nothing to do with Emo but it shows what i could do.

I really don’t see why they would have any problem with it, it’s free advertising for them. As long as you aren’t showing their product in a bad light, or being derogatory toward it. The only part that involves intellectual property is the songs if you have him dancing in your video. You’d probably need approval to use those any more than short clips for “fair use”. That being said though, there are dozens of videos on YouTube showing EMO’s dances with the accompanying music.