Does emo spy on us?

Well alexa will work in next updates which means emo may spy

Just in nutshell can emo spy by camera ?


Spying is what happens when you do not permit something to listen to you or video you.
In order for EMO to function EMO MUST listen to you otherwise how does he know when you say “EMO”?
This is NORMAL OPERATION. It then sends the following few words to the Amazon speech interpretation service that is then used to give the commands back to EMO.

AGAIN THIS IS NOT SPYING. It’s exactly the same way that Siri works. Google Works etc.

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I’m done. I’m going to lock the thread now. If you ask again about things that have been answered like this you will be removed from the forums.


Hahahaha JUST DO IT i dont care im not scared of you

I don’t want you or anyone to be scared of me. I’m not a scarey person. Just a guy trying to help build a community.