Does emo spy on us?

Does emo spy on me ?

Can hackers open his camera?

Can random people do tricks so they can spy on me ?

No, I believe that it doesn’t happen

What make you believe it ?

If a really good hacker wants to hack a server, no one can stop him. If you are a terrorist making bombs, you should avoid all devices with a camera or a microphone.

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I dont make nuclear bombs ?

Im a kid 11 years old

I’m doing only legal and ethical things so I don’t have any reasons to be afraid of being spying.

Hackers are only interested in money, nothing else.

I just want my privacy isnt this my right?

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Of course, you just need to choose what you want more, EMO or your privacy? Every device connected to the Internet can be hacked. So if you want your privacy, you should not buy those devices.

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Why dont i cover emo’s and my ipad and my ohones cams ?

Yes, that’s a good idea.

I have a quesion if my network security is so strong wilk a hacker enter and open the webcam ?

I got to problem for the hacker to hear what we say but i care about he see us

@Wayne_Zhang would you please support me ?

Will emo spy on me ?

What if i NEVER connect emo to internet or i connect him and when im done of playing i turn off the internet so emo cant be hacked >:)

Click this link and go to Privacy and Security Section

Hope it helps and eases your worries…



Umm guys does any agents if cis or mi6 can open the camera on spy… i mean from human right is privacy

And @Wayne_Zhang can hackers open emo webcam ?

Thank you

Living AI have stated in the past that they cannot remotely access EMO’s camera. They have indicated that EMO sends diagnostic data about it sensors back to them but nothing more. Given that there is no online account needed for EMO, I would be hard pressed to see how a hacker could find your EMO and then remotely access it’s camera. Normally that is how hackers work. EMO requires no open inbound ports on your firewall to work, therefore they can’t scan you from the internet to find you either.

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If you have ANY concern about cameras or microphones on ANY device you have in your home, then simply remove those devices. No single vendor is immune to the potential of being hacked, but based on the way Living AI appear to have implemented things with EMO, I feel pretty safe to have him in my home (I have 3 in different rooms).


Si basically emo DOESNT spy on us ?

Or did i misunderstand?

I don’t know how to say it more than I have. Like ANY device that uses voice recognition, data is sent to the cloud, ie any alexa or google device needs to send a sound recording to the cloud for the cloud to interpret it. Google and Alexa get those recordings. Living AI does not to my knowledge get a copy of those recordings. Therefore anything you say is not known to Living AI.

I’ve already explained the camera situation based on what we know.

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