Does EMO run with a PC?

Did you know that in Canada, about 20% of people don’t have a cell phone ? Most youngsters have a cell phone, but 45% of people aged 65 and over (almost half of the population) don’t have any mobile device. I am 72 and like other people of my generation, I would like to know if EMO can work with only a desktop computer (with Internet, of course) ? Thank you.


Hi @Toxy,
As Far As I Know,
There Is No App For PC Available As Yet,
But I Will Tag Moderator @Lindaru For Further Assistance.


I thought so. If EMO cannot work with a PC application, would it be wise to mention it somewhere on this website ? Or maybe specify that it only works using an application from a cell phone or a tablet ? Just a suggestion. :wink:


Hello, @Toxy . . . unfortunately, the only P.C. apps I am aware of are ones in the Microsoft store if you have Windows 11. It would be convenient for those without mobile devices to have a P.C. version.

I have a cell phone myself (age 66) which did not have a GPS chip, so I had to purchase a tablet so that I could run the app.

I would love it if you would submit your suggestion under the ideas for improvement topic here.


Windows makes it pretty easy to use android apps on a PC 5 Ways to Run Android Apps on Your PC for Free | PCMag

I have no experience with Apple products, but I would be shocked if a simliar system doesn’t exist


Thank you for the link. I will keep that in mind. But I think the most simple solution would be to be able to run EMO simply with a personal desk computer. That way, a lot more people could enjoy that lovable pet robot, especially older folks who always appreciate good company. :grinning:


you need bluetooth and those emulators like bluestacks don’t have bluetooth so the emo app wont work.
windows 11 has build in android (windows subsystem for android) and they say bluetooth will be supported in the future… … well lets see and wait.


I want to convert EMO robot AI to Windows app; with sounds, emojis etc. How to make this? A smilar project/source code.


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @melihakdemIr . . . I have moved your post to this thread for discussion about Windows compatible Android apps.

Please read above and see if any of this helps you as I know some apps can run with Windows 11. As for being able to customize that app, I am not sure if you would be able to if you can get it to work on Windows.

This would be basically to see if you can use the app on a Windows P.C. I have Windows 10 and have not been able to try this.

Best of luck and I hope this thread gives you some ideas.

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