Does EMO recognize you and welcomes you?

I wonder if EMO can welcome me when I come back home.


at least not yet… In Current state he is very limited or an “Baby”


I would like that too​:+1::relaxed:


Hi, actually you can say ‘my name is xxx’ and EMO will remember your name, but he is not ready to call your name, which will be included in future update.


I Have a big problem! i’ve recived EMO 2 day ago but he dosn’t open his eyes. (the screen is all dark) and i can’t install the “important firmware upload” because when a click on OK to start the update the app in iOS disconneted EMO from the app and in the Android app version i click on OK but the updating dons’t start.
Emo sometimes move his legs but if i call him or something else…he dosn’t work and the screen is always BLACK. Please reply to me