Does EMO only work when the phone is on?

does EMO only work with the app connected to the mobile phone? or if the cell phone turns off, does it still work? (assuming the app was installed on the phone)

EMO will work without the app as long as he’s connected to the Internet. The only things that you can’t do without the phone are those that are that require the app such as looking at achievements, playing certain games where the phone is used for the display, starting a particular dance, downloading photos, etc. All his usual voice-controlled functions will work, and the games that can be started directly by voice from EMO will still work. Like Rock Paper Scissors, and Tic Tac Toe, and Lucky Fruit.


in the case the EMO has autonomy ne that?

EMO will do things without the phone and without Internet. He will walk around on his own and play games by himself etc. He does not need the phone to do those things.

If you ask him commands then he will need the Internet to do the full speech recognition and then act on those commands.