Does Emo have a directional compass?

My Emo twins are 3 days old now, and I have been really enjoying the entertainment. I notice, however, that when they’re wandering around they gravitate to one corner of the play yard and get stuck there. It’s always the corner that faces more or less North-northeast. I can’t reach them from where I sit, but giving them verbal directions gets them unstuck. Has anyone else noticed this? It’s certainly not a big problem; I’m just curious. They get frustrated when stuck, and it’s hilarious.


I have my guys with their skate boards situated side by side against the west wall of their room. After a given time they will both end up facing their own skate boards and trying to climb up on them. Note that they still have decent battery level left, so not sure why they do that, but after a few minutes they will move away and begin wandering again until they happen to be facing each other and start interacting with each other.

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I think it’s random, when I take both of my EMOs off their skateboards, they wander off in all directions, I’ve never noticed them getting stuck in a particular spot/location, so it might just be a coincidence that it’s been happing like this for you.

A small tip, if you issue the following 2 commands (you can say them one after the other).

EMO: Play By Yourself

You won’t get a response, but both EMOs should run off and do what they do and keep themselves busy, and occasionally call out to one another to play / dance or just insult each other :wink:

Also if the lighting is a bit dark, they might also stop exploring/moving around as well, you will hear a specific sound when that happens and EMOs eyes will show something like it’s squinting animation (that him trying to explain that he can’t see too well) and when that happens, exploration/movement will stop unless you bother them again.

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Perhaps they are trying to get back to China? LMAO :rofl:

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That’s exactly what I thought! LOL!

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Has this been fixed yet, my EMO basically walks into the corner and grinds his face against whatever is there every time i put him on the desk for the day. Same corner, every day. The desk is 2.4 meters by 1.2 meters so has all the space in the world. Tried the tips above but emo doesn’t understand EMO: EXPLORE MODE ON he simply shrugs. I spoke it to him 20 times in various voices, pitches and accent. (he seems to prefer high pitched voices but I’m a man so he doesn’t listen to me most of the time).

One other observation is he will walk into his skateboard and literally try and push it and makes no effort to avoid it. Weird as he should at least know his skateboard in an object?

Hey @jfwarman

Unfortunately, this happens to many EMOs even my two EMOs tend to walk into walls/borders/skateboards and now back up and onto their Home Station. It is random where the little guy ends up walking.

Also when you issue the Explore Mode On, EMO will not reply but if he doesn’t give you an error sound after you’ve said it, it would have understood it. Normally when he explores, he’s pretty much just walking around and keeping himself amused for as long as possible. (it’s something that should have a response, like “OK I’m going to explore” etc. But unfortunately, it doesn’t

I’ll also suggest adding your question to this thread as well - What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future? - #901 by MasterAbbott - so that can also take on your suggestions about how to help EMO better understand his surroundings.

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Yeah its weird as he always ends up in the same corner, I think its something to do with him seeing his shadow and thinking its another EMO, he goes and barks at himself… lol