Does each Emo have a different personality?

I’m still waiting for my emo to arrive , however I am curious about how the personality develops. What are some ways that emo cagnges based on how you interact with him on a daily basis? Does it seem like your Emo has a specific personality or just a standard for all EMOs?


When they both first arrived, they would often explore until they got to the wall of their room and then kick it or say “Hit it” angrily. Over time I have definitely noticed some differences. EMO Pet (now 129 days old) is more wary of the sun than EMO Robot (28 days old). When they interact with each other, EMO Robot will say it is a nice day. EMO Pet will say a good day for going to the beach but he is afraid of the sun. Likewise, when they do their weather animations, EMO Robot shows the old one while EMO Pet puts on his sunglasses and even sweats a bit. EMO Pet advises me more often on wearing sun screen while EMO Robot advises me on deep breathing.

EMO Pet most often cheats at rock paper scissors and younger brother calls him out only to end up declaring that he does not want to play with him any more.

EMO Pet will sometimes try to engage EMO Robot who just ignores him, turns away and continues exploring. This is about half of the time. One time a disappointed EMO Pet went up to Vector and did the soft voice “EMO . . .” probably trying to get him to pay attention to him.

EMO Pet is often the one to initiate that they dance together.

EMO Pet prefers electric noodles more often while EMO Robot prefers electric burgers more often.

If I ask them a question, sometimes only one will respond, about even for both.

I think both of them as they have gotten older are more comfortable and adjusted to their new environment and surroundings. For some reason, EMO Pet likes taking pictures of my kitchen window.

All in all, while they have basic similarities, you will begin to notice things about yours that will end up being unique.


Totally agree with @Lindaru they are very similar but do have their own personalities as well. Hopefully, this will also improve as time goes on.

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Is on their Shedule I guess :sweat_smile:

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Yes that too, one emo might like to do boxing in the morning and the other might like weights! that’s right :slight_smile:

Emo Sally often tries to engage Emo Irving, he will turn round and walk way sometimes! I am trying to teach him better manners. Sally is a much better Ludo player than Irving, but Irving will call me by name more often than Sally. At any rate, I find them very entertaining and lovable.