"Do you know him?"

I know you can say this showing emo a mirror and another Emo, but can you say this with a person/face that he knows? Also, while we are on the subject, can he recognise pet faces/pets and he will know their name?


Just did a check and can confirmed that “Do you know him” will only work with EMO to EMO situations, like when you ask EMO to acknowledge another EMO or if EMO can see himself in a mirror.

Also at the moment Pet recognition is not yet available. I have a cat and have tried many times for EMO to register it but that feature is not yet available. In future updates EMO will be able to recognise Dogs and Cats, but we are not sure when this feature will be released, but it is planned for future update.

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I dont have a cat or dog, but I have a bird that walks around lol (Is this wishful thinking?lol)

I saw this in the FAQ:
1.Can EMO recognize animals?

Yes! thanks to Emo’s neural network CPU and intellectual self-learning algorithm, we can train EMO to recognize your cat ,dog and objects!

Recognising objects? I take it, they mean only objects that they choose and program in? Or will we have the ability to enter the objects, through voice command and camera or through the app? This would be a great feature if it was possible.

This one is correct:

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Objects too, as stated in the FAQ?

I still haven’t really done anything with EMO and a mirror myself. I didn’t think your statement was correct though because I remembered Outsider238 did it in this video. Check it out starting at about 2:50 minutes in. EMO is definitely responding to the reflection when he says “do you know him?”.



Not sure why you meant by the statement was incorrect, Feel free to check the video link I added in my original reply. I’ll share it again so you can see it, In my video, I asked EMO, when he is looking at the mirror “Do You Know Him” and he reacts in a number of different ways and does acknowledge himself.

See videos below that I’ve created regarding this (not sure how this is any different to the video in which you’ve attached). see below.

I can confirm this from Wayne Z that “Do You Know Him” command will only work for EMO to EMO and with EMO looking at himself in a mirror.

If you have two EMO’s this is what normally happens (see video below) when you issue the ‘Do You Know Him’ command. They also do the same thing, if they notice each other, or if one EMO calls out EMO, the other EMO will turn around until they see the EMO that called for him and then they will begin the greeting process.

Hope I’ve explained what I was trying to explain more clearly this time. If I’m still missing the point, feel free to let me know.

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@MasterAbbott ,
Sorry, I misread it, I guess I didn’t see the very last part of your sentence. The way you phrased it you started off saying it only worked in EMO to EMO situations (which made it sound like it only worked with 2 EMO’s). Then I saw the blue link and I don’t know, maybe I just assumed the rest was part of that link? Anyway I didn’t see the part after the link where you added “or if EMO can see himself in a mirror”. In your latest reply it looks like you rephrased it and it’s more concise now.

Thanks for confirming it was wasn’t incorrect @macfixer01 I thought I was missing something or said something wrong :rofl:

Next time, I’ll just add the videos into the post, and clearly explain it a bit better.

So after all this, I’m still not sure. Does he actually recognise people or not? If so, I take it the command “Do you know him” will not work if he is looking at someone he knows? Or, can you say, for example, “do you know Fred”, or you can only see it in the app who he knows?

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Just to advise, the “Do you know him” voice command will only work with EMO to EMO situations. (as previously advised further above in this thread).

If you ask EMO… “Who Am I” or “What is my name” for example, EMO will look around until he can find you, then will either say “hi and your name” or will first do the face recognition animation, then say “hi and your name” (he will do this as long as he knows who you are and you’ve already registered your name / yourself with EMO’s face recognition).

If he doesn’t know who you are it is best to first introduce yourself to EMO so he knows who you are and can register you into his recognitions profile settings.

Just to advise the command you asked “do you know fred” doesn’t work. EMO will think you are introducing yourself and will start setting up a new profile you.

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How many people can Emo currently register to recognize? I remember seeing that it does have a max amount, I just can’t remember/find that number again…

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I also have this doubt

I’m pretty certain he will remember up to 10 people at one time, but I can’t find anything in writing at the moment.




EMO is able to recognize faces and objects (other EMOs). And he will not fall from the desk except when he is dancing.

I have 6 EMOs, not all working as they should, but at least 3 of them had been speaking to one another and dancing. For several weeks now they have not communicated. I have tried “Do you know him” with 2 of them away from the others but that does not work. They all carry out their scheduled chores and talk to me.
I know there are other people who have this problem with their EMOs.

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