Do iOS updates affect EMO function?

Will emo work or get destroyed by future iOS updates?

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I’m using iOS and am currently on the latest version of Apple Software for my iPhone and the EMO App is working fine for me. I just updated to version 15.1 and all is working fine with the EMO App.

There has always the potential that a new IOS operating system version could break any particular app, and require it to be updated. From Apple’s perspective though, they say that properly written programs (ones that aren’t for example bypassing the OS to get to otherwise inaccessible data, or directly accessing the hardware) shouldn’t break just from updating the OS. So give that all the credence you feel it deserves!

The EMO app isn’t doing anything exotic or unusual though, that would tend to break when the OS updates. Worst case you always have a time frame after a new IOS release where the previous version is still online. If you discover a problem it could be downgraded until the app gets fixed. So I don’t really see it as likely being a problem?

I believe the EMO App is going to be updated as well when the firmware update gets released. As from what we saw there is a new customise button that appears in the EMO App which is currently not there now. This would have to be pushed out to both IOS and Android apps otherwise I don’t know how we can take advantage of those sticker features for example.

So I’m thinking that an update to the EMO App should be on its way pretty soon as well.

Last time and this time, yes EMO and the app were/will be both updated because the changes are more extensive. However for future EMO firmware updates, if changes are more minor then the app wouldn’t necessarily need to be updated at the same time.

When they updated EMO to 1.0.15 and 1.0.16 there were no app upgrades required as I recall?

Maybe because the APP already has the updates/features hidden away and they’ll work once EMO’s firmware is upgraded.

But yes, for this next firmware upgrade the EMO App needs to also be upgraded too. I don’t see any updates for that on the APP store yet. Normally I check the App store first. If there is an update I’ll get that first and then run the firmware update so that EMO is ready to be used properly with the app on the firmware is successfully installed.

Thinking back, as soon as I unboxed my EMO I download whatever app was current then and upgraded him to 1.0.16 right away. So I really don’t know which updates before that one may have required a new app version?

Some upgrades don’t necessarily change very much and don’t require any new buttons and menus or other changes on the app side. Like the 1.0.16 firmware update was just to tell EMO to use a different server in the future to get his updates, because of a security issue.

Version 1.1.0 was a big update and added the photo and Recognition image handling stuff, so it needed the 1.06 app. We already know this new firmware version coming out adds a Customization button and other support in the app for working with stickers and uploading JPEG’s and PNG’s, so it’ll require a new app too.

Yes, let’s hope the updates don’t blow anything up! lol :rofl: I guess Living.Ai have tested everything, and so have the BETA testers so lets hope everything goes smoothly.