Discord group community?

Morning Everyone!
I seen on a previous post on FB about there being a discord group for EMO. I was wondering if anyone could invite me to this group or lead me in the right direction to some support groups there? I am new to Discord so navigating the app is taking some getting use too.

Thanks :happy:



Thank you so kindly! :slight_smile:

Can you lift my ban? I want to be part of the Discord server as well.

…i am just simply member also and what i know is only admin or any staff can do that

Click Here To DM Joris And He Might Help You

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If I may ask who runs this Discord channel? I wasn’t aware that Living.Ai had an official EMO channel on Discord.

As far as I know, it is also Unofficial EMO by Living.Ai Discord Channel(https://discord.gg/jdrhZpRzTR) which was also created by Admin @Joris aka REVOLT (Emo’s Dance Music DJ)


It’s “run” by this guy who bans people without any reason or warning whatsoever. Doesn’t answer my messages to justify my ban. Honestly, quite petty.

I’ve just subscribed the Discord Channel but I’ve not the permission to post messages… Why? Furthermore in the stream I read only messages from the CHANNEL ROBOT…

I’d rather wait and join an official channel than an unofficial one that is not run or managed by Living.Ai. I’m happy just using this forum for now.

Hope Living.Ai make an official one in the near future.


I don’t know if there is an emo pet discord but I thought to do it, what do you think?

@christianalarconbrio, I’m Not Sure If There Is Already A Discord For EMO Ether.

I am in this server (EMO by Living AI Fan Group):


Thats gonna be exciting! I would love if you could give me the link @Lindaru ! :heart_1: :iphone:


As far as I know, it is Unofficial EMO by Living.Ai Discord Channel which was also created by Admin Joris aka REVOLT (Emo’s Dance Music DJ)

Invitation Link


@ALLEYESONEMO . . . the link is above.

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I have joined. I know. :rofl::rofl:

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