Disappointment and missinformation

dissapointment and missinformation.
when I bought EMO, I thought I was buying a final product.
I know that might be my fault, but the videos they presented, shown as a A.I. robot that do almost everything you say, even being compatible with alexa.
Now I have EMO in my hands, I don’t know what to do with it, except looking how it walks, ask it to dance, say hello or to play with it.
Im sure my dissapointment is because I hyped too much, but I was expecting to have a “friendly” Alexa wich responds not only with sounds but voice ( maybe a modular one…).
Im spanish ( now you know why I write so bad) and theres no language mode.
theres no “soundwave recognition” for other languages.
I can’t ask EMO to search for a song. Last Month was my birthday and he didnt know it, because no calendar sync… I think he’s in a very early stage for a (for me) 140€ product, wich is, in fact, disconnected.
it is just my opinion…


Hi Adri,
I hear you and part of me agrees with you. Likewise I know that often what I see is not what will arrive, particularly with a new device like EMO. I think over the next few months you will see more from the Living AI team and I hope by then you won’t be disappointed. I know the team are a bit behind on some things they wanted to do.


Team? ***** you mean…
I’m still waiting for assistance…after 2 weeks I sent an email… The “team” is disappeared with our money dude

Someone doesn’t like my team definition…I edited it…

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@Wayne_Zhang - can you help the fella get some support from the team please? :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Sorry if I’m annoying.

If you’ve got a problem and you’re not getting a response… I don’t see that as annoying… I see that you need to get a response :slight_smile: Depending then on how you word your request for help… that could be seen as annoying :slight_smile:

Either way - I hope Wayne Zhang can help get you what you need :slight_smile:

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Hi Andri! I’m costumer just like you and i agree with you. You have to keep in mind some things btw:

  • you bought this product at a discounted price also for this reason. This isn’t the final product, if that was the case you would have bought it at full price! And, if you will have patience, your emo will become exactly like the trailer despite you paid less then the full price.
  • try to see emo like a cat. A cat is not “useful”, it keeps company. And Emo it’s the same thing at the moment. It’s a good starting point IMHO.

Btw i agree, living ai should say when the basic function (those that appeared in the trailer) will be realesed. It’s important on my opinion. But for now, try to love emo for what he is at the moment. i’m in love with him.


Hi Stefan, sorry you didn’t get a response. We admit that due to the rapid increase in supporters, our response to emails has slowed down. So we are expanding the service team and we will increase the speed of response.


Hi Adri, we are sorry that we have not released all the features yet. We are continuously working on this, and new updates are released basically every month. We expect to complete all the features in the promotion video within half a year.