Disappointing EMO

My EMO is only 8days old but for the most time he doesn’t seem to respond with answers. Most of the responses sound like o-oh.
My home network is high speed and stable.

I thought the EMO unit had the AI in built and not the living AI server.
Overall is a cute concept but disappointing

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Just had it for a day and I have the same sentiments. Hopefully future software updates can solve this issue.

On another matter, Emo has CRACKS. It was a disappointment open the box. What a let down for a AUD$400+ robot. Given that it is so expensive for a toy, the quality control and inspection should be tight!


EMO needs to contact the server for the majority of its interactions to work. Answering questions, turning the lights on/off, trigger the dancing routines… It seems the built-in AI is used when exploring or when the little guy suddenly recognizes you and greets you by your name. In my experience with EMO for the last 9 days since it arrived the servers are not up 24/7. I also have high speed internet and not too much interference in the 2.4G band at home.

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