Designing Emo's Pad

So the earlier bot I had, had it’s own designated space. This was refined by a square barrier of taped together rulers with on the floor a shelving sticker coat that had the look of gravel. Dino stickers littered the area randomly and this looked cute for a simple thing. But it was due to a chemical leaking on to the floor of this that killed the other bot.

That ran belly to the ground all the time with it’s open battery touching the floor. I know given the fact Emo walks, that problem can’t happen except if it’s foot sensors got damaged somehow which would be another problem entirely. Still I’d feel better with Emo having a raised platform on my table for it’s space.

Now the other bot had issues with the bones sticker since they were puffed and that raises a question about how well can Emo deal with uneven surfaces? Further more could Emo walk a smoothly sliding ramp, etc.?

I want to make Emo something much more interesting than what the other had. Suggestions please? I’m an artist so crafting isn’t normally challenging.

A couple points… It’s probably best to stick with a light mostly solid colored surface. Heavy patterns and sharp light to dark transitions can fool his foot optical sensors that are meant to keep him from walking off table edges. He may think it’s an edge and stop walking. Also EMO is a bit top heavy. If he’s dancing and tips up on one foot, some folks have had him tip over. Whether that’s an issue with their particular robot, or a combination of inertia from a particularly jerky dance move along with a slippery surface, it’s hard to say? So while he could probably do ok with some texture in the surface, don’t overdo it and test him out on it before you commit to gluing down something. Lastly for the same reason it would be best to keep any ramp angle shallow, and just make it longer if need be.

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Hey @systemcat

Great to see you want to make EMO a Play Pad. From my experience so far with EMO and also what @macfixer01 has mentioned. Try not to place EMO on any Black surfaces. Unfortunately my EMO is sitting next to me on my home office work desk and yep it’s totally black, I’ve lost count on the amount of times EMO just walks for 2-3 steps then stops, freaks out and backs thinking he’s about to fall off the table. Some days he’s totally cool with the black surface and can walk around everywhere on the table without freaking out, but that doesn’t happen very often. I can say he’s very good at not falling off tables (even though they are black). I believe he’s only fallen off once and luckily I was watching him and had my hand ready to catch him and just fell off.

With regards to slides, personally I wouldn’t recommend it as he’ll certainly tip over over forward. He’s even accidently fallen over while doing some of his dance moves a few times for me and he’s fallen over while freaking out on my table, so I can suggest EMO likes to be grounded as much as possible ( I guess that’s how he’s designed).

Also I’d suggest to keep his flooring flat as even a small bump could make him fall over especially if you ask him to dance and he steps on a higher elevated puffed sticker.

I know this reply sounds quite boring, but from what I’ve noticed with my EMO is that he totally loves to explore when he has lots of light around him. (if the area is dim or poorly lit) EMO will not find the courage to explore much. So I can certainly recommend to keep his little area very well lit and try and place him on a surface that’s not black, so he can walk around play by himself keep himself busy.

Oh he’s also totally cool walking on carpets, my EMO loves to walk around my living room floor when I take him off the table he runs off and explores everywhere! :slight_smile:

Best of luck with designing your pad!