Dependency to a server

Hi, I’m thinking of buying a EMO Robot, It looks like a cool little robot with a delightful AI.

While doing research on this I came across a video of another bot from a different company. Their bot was dependent to servers from the company that designed it. The company closed and no longer had server access - the bot malfunctioned without access.

My question is: Will the robot be dependent to a server? Will my EMO Robot still function without it?


Unfortunately yes. Let’s hope that he is going to have a better future than V.


Yes as @NendosColl has advised, EMO needs to connect back to the Living.Ai servers for it to fully function.

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Hopefully we’ll eventually get the opportunity to host our own servers for EMO on a raspberry pi or desktop PC.
It would be awesome not to have EMO reliant on things outside the house.


I don’t think that will ever happen. Other robots like the V one depends on a server and they even charge customers for it.

But If it ever does happen, it would be certainly very good for sure!

That other company is supposedly selling a home-based server called Escape Pod for the V robot which runs on a Raspberry Pi board. I read somewhere though that there are some issues with it. I don’t recall for sure what the problems were, but I think you basically only get the software then have to build and configure it all yourself, and there isn’t much support for doing any of that?

I’m pretty sure that LAI said previously they’ll be offering something similar in the future?

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Personally if they keep the servers up and free (with no subscription) I don’t think I’d ever consider getting / setting up a home-based server for EMO, as there will be a lot of work to get it setup and running right. But lets see what happens.


I guess as of now, having a home-based server’s main benefit is to be a backup and increase response times. Though, if EMO becomes customizable, I foresee more benefits emerging for this. I guess for now, we have to wait.