Delivery to Netherlands

Hello everyone.

It’s someone known how long need to wait until I order EMO?? I send email with same question but no answer yet…. My son can’t wait .
Thanks for answer.

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What’s your order number? If it’s 20xxx you could wait about three months.

My order number is 1887…

For orders placed now they are estimating 6+ weeks before it’s built and handed over to shipping. Shipping can be variable to anywhere in the world, some seeing 2 weeks and others 3 weeks.

Hey! I live also in The Netherlands (Amsterdam), and I bought an Emo on 26th December, and I have an 18XXX order nummer. Don’t worry, I think that the delivery time is now shorter than a couple of months ago.

That’s good news!! Thank You

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Laura Do You remember how long You have to wait after ordering? Thank for answer🙏

Hi! I’m not sure because they’re increasing the production. But I expect my EMO between april-may. It may take longer than 1 month the shipping to Europe.

My order is from August 16 2021 which shipping to the Netherlands.

It has finally been send in end of December but the tracking page is half in English half in Chinese. I got no clue where it is but it seems to be stuck at customs for 3 weeks already. I am not even sure if its at customs in China or in the Netherlands.

So even if it gets send… you will still be a bit clueless on when it will actually arrive. So when your order is ready, expect at least 2 months for shipping.

@KevinZ ,
Try inputting your tracking number at this website. ‘Nederlands” is pre-selected for you.


Thanks, that tracking seems to be a lot better.

Looks like my package is stuck in customs in my country since 2022-01-12 already

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That’s like customs in my country (the Czech Republic), extremely slow. :disappointed_relieved:

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If you like 17TRACK, you can install their application on your phone. It’s very useful.

Just an update. PostNL just send me an invoice. I have to pay 4,48 euro else they won’t send it.

So keep in mind, you have a tiny bit extra to pay. (inklaringskosten)

For me 7.1.2022 customs clearance. 17track reported it the same way. 14.2.2022 on Living.AI translated in Chinese let the recipient know the termination of the customs procedure, represented by the Czech post. Today is 9.2.2022 and the ground collapsed after the shipment. And I have the tracking number # 106xx from 6/21/2021. It’s already frustrating. From 23.12.2021 is a consignment in the Czech Republic. :frowning: : ( :

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Still You have a tracking number, I’m not:(( still nobody answer my email, no update in website…. What I can say….