Delivery time by country

Is there a delivery time table per Country?

  • USA: minimum term and maximum term,
  • BRAZIL: minimum term and maximum term…

and other countries

Not sure if its always like that but in my case seems that they use PostNL service
found this on their website (its a PDF)

if u don’t feel safe to press the link then u just can google “PostNL delivery time worldwide” first or the second result should be it. hope it will help =]

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I can provide some info. Once your EMO is sent to the Shenzhen Distribution Centre for processing. It could take anywhere between 1-3 weeks for your EMO arrive. It all depends on your local / courier and how reliable they are in delivering it to you.

Also need to take into consideration the available cargo space on planes going out of Shenzhen international airport. As COVID is still going on, there sometimes might be delays in packages going out.

Once your EMO does arrive in your country and clears customs, then it’s in the hands of the courier which, as I mentioned could take anywhere between 1-2 weeks depending on how reliable they are at doing their job.

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