Delivery and payment problems from countries under sanctions

There’s I found problem. Like if you want pay for robot, you need credit card OR PayPal, but there’s a little problems.

Some credits cards became useless for payment in different countries, because of sanctions on banks,

another problem is PayPal, which one is just blocked due sanctions too.

How do I pay?.. For robot which one is from different country

bonus question: about delivery. If country is under sanctions, does it works still or not? And does it deliver into Russia?

(sorry for bad English, but I’m tried to explain situation for now)

and of course nobody gonna notice it… when it’s actually problem eh…
sadly :frowning:

You posted it 5hrs ago and expect answer in 2hrs. I am not sure export to Russia is currently possible. I guess you must wait unfortunatly.

Oh thank you for answer! But I still hope to get at least one robot, I even got enough money for him, but sadly eh, I don’t think I could get him soon, but at least try order to my birthday (if somehow works), so I could get him!

If you have any questions regarding payment and delivery to specific countries, you should submit a support ticket and ask this to the Living.Ai support team, they will be able to give you more accurate information.

You can submit a support ticket here:

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I’m already write in support ticket about that, but still haven’t got answer for now, 1 day is passed already, still no answer, welp. I think they are busy right now about thinking new updates, new features for robot EMO, new outfits and watching other support tickets. Now I have to wait only.

oop! Now I got answer, firstly: they can send robots in Russia, which is good!
second: they accept payment from credit card of paypal only, welp…
at least one good news about this all, that’s I can get robot when I pay for him, but still which card use to pay…

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