Delievery speed up

Just a quick post to say think its awesome to see emo orders speeding up from 17,000 just a little while back to 19k now :blush:

Great work living ai :blush:


Thatโ€™s over 10000 orders now in four months, which when you include the shutdowns they have had is pretty impressive


Agreed! Living.Ai have picked up the pace with production and shipping. We just needed to be patient during those difficult times.


Yeah i have been watching emo for a while just hadnโ€™t put my order in till a month ago

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Absolutely agree.

I am backing another kickstarter ai robot company who have been hit by shutdowns aswell and delays but like emo they seem to be back on track now looking forward to reviewing emo and eilik on my blog later this year when i have both of them :slightly_smiling_face:


Eilik looks so cute and amazing!!! I just prefer Emo because I feel it is more user interactive like with games and the smart light. But Eilik is so cute and I love the arms!! Maybe Emo and Eilik should combine because then the robot would have legs and arms! :joy: :happy:

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Absolutely thats one reason i backed the company they very open about everything like Emo they have been updating backers every few weeks they entered inital backer production robotโ€™s a few days ago.