Deep Breath/Stress Relief

The sound was very low, I couldn’t hear it.

I got this today as well. When EMO saw me he offered me a health tip. Deep Breathing to combat Stress & Anxiety.

Once EMO spots you. He might have some interesting facts to share with you, one of them could be health tips.

This is what EMO says in this health tip:

Hello, Do you know deep breathing is one of our easiest tools to combat stress and anxiety, reduce pain, high blood pressure and indigestion, so remember to take a deep breath once in a while.

Note: This normally only happens once a day, and it will be random.

:mad: :head: :skating: :surprised: :heart_1:


Maybe LIA programmed this in because they think we are stressing out having to wait for our Emos and with the buggy update and that? lol :rofl:

No buggy update for me :thinking: