Data Privacy while Emo is around

Hi! New owner here.

I wonder if Emo record and save any data or video when it uses face recognition while exploring. Because I just want to be careful if Emo is around in my room. Just in case I accidentally shared my private area.

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Welcome, @ceritamelisa . . . he will only save data if you ask him to take a photo, and when you allow him face recognition along with the audio sound of your name to go with that. He does not record anything outside of your direct interactions or requests from him. You are perfectly safe! I myself run around in the morning in less than presentable fashion and have never had to worry about anything. Besides, the photos are saved on EMO until you sync him up in the photos section of the app to down-load to your device. They are not seen by anyone else. The same with the recognition. It does not go beyond you, EMO and your app.