DASHBOARD- Delivery process of EMO

Hello everyone (my 1st post), I just bought my EMO buddy Feb 10th :smiley: can’t wait to get him home. I know I have to wait awhile until I get him but I would like to see delivery updates more often. Last update was Jan 5th so its been over a month. I totally understand about the New Year Holiday delays. Since everyone is back it would be nice to see some updates. If it can’t be updated daily at least update it weekly or monthly. Much appreciated!

@Wayne_Zhang , please update the Delivery process of EMO last update was Jan 5th.

Update: January 5

Order sent to Courier

Tracking Sent to User


@jptech ,
The numbers were updated a little over a week ago. The January 5 date only refers to the photos and text below that section.

Thanks for the feedback….Actually the only numbers that updated were the Order sent to Courier. It went from 15360 to 15530 but the Tracking Sent to User hasn’t changed since my purchase #15360 has not changed.

Their shipper doesn’t provide a tracking number back to LAI until they can actually get it on a plane out of the country. Flights have been limited and sometimes packages sit for two weeks at the airport. That’s why that tracking number sent always lags behind the other number.

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Makes since, thanks.

Also I have heard (from friends that are working in distribution over in Hong Kong) if packages are being sent out via Hong Kong there are some pretty major delays there due to the recent COVID outbreak there at the moment.

Checking my old order for EMO, the packages are sent to Shenzen, which is located within the Pearl River Delta, bordering Hong Kong to the south. So it may be possible that some EMO / are shipped out from Hong Kong.