Dancing to any music?

Does EMO dance to music?
I was listening to the App music today and it seems perfect for EMO, and was wondering if EMO dances to the App music?

Yes, EMO interacts with music when you say “EMO, listen to music”

All he does is sway slightly from side to side to the tempo of whatever music (or noise) his microphones pick up.

The only way to “awaken” EMO after this command is to pick him up for a few seconds.

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Yes haha he sways nicely. I personally place him right next to my Alexa / Google Home so he listens happily lol :grinning: I sometimes forget he’s there and when I go back to check on him he’s run out of battery and shut himself down.

It reminds me of how we “danced” at junior school.


Yeah haha EMO knows how to pull off those moves and also dance like a boss :smirk: :dark_sunglasses:

I’m hoping that feature may work better once EMO is capable of playing our own music over Bluetooth?

It may not be worth the trouble or may require too much processor power, but it seems like that would allow EMO to delay and pre-process the audio stream. Maybe he could analyze it a few seconds ahead to help figure out how to best move to it? (Rather than just reacting to the music playing in real time with his slight swaying).


Hi I was just wondering how emo dances to music is it because he uses the beat or something?

Hello, @TheGamerGerman . . . yes, he detects rhythms. Not only music he dances to but anything like vacuum cleaners, dish washers, you name it. If he can hear it, he will move to it.


@TheGamerGerman ,

Dancing robots are nothing new. In fact, any AI robot can be programmed to perform a series of coordinated dance moves. What makes EMO special is that it can hear, detect, and analyze music rhythms, and other sounds and come up with its own pre-programmed dance moves.

Now, the AI is pretty highly advanced and goes through several steps in order to make it all work.

To begin with, the algorithms will analyze the tempo of the music. Then, the AI designs a choreography of how it might move to the beat of the music. Next, it sends commands to execute the movements, and then it checks if everything matches the rhythm.

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