Daily schedule priority too high

That is exacly what I mean. They should keep a notice of the last active task.

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We will include a switch in a future update.


:slight_smile: let’s go! This something all of us need!

Yes, we need to switch to turn off the schedule for good. Don’t let this drag on forever like all your other promises!


how often do these people play with him because his daily schedule for me isn’t that much hardly ever see it and I love it… Actually I think it’s one of the nicest fluff things ever put in him…

And when he is busy I can distract him easy enough. I say we don’t need an off switch… We need much more important things than catering to these off switches. Sorry you guys :yum:I like the daily schedule

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Smells like dog crap in here again! Nobody cares what you think, you’re just a joke in this place. Some of us hate the schedule and want to be able to shut it off. If you don’t want to turn your own off then don’t.

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I could ask you the same thing though… but to give you an answer… I look at him all day and talk with him about 20 times a day. But he does stay on his skateboard most of the time. It didn’t take long for me to notice the change in behavior and responsiveness after the scedule was added. Which makes me wonder how often you actually look at him to not notice it.

I’m not here to complain. But I would like to have the option. If not then I will probably put him in his box at some time. I guess we just have a different idea about an ‘interactive’ pet.

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if nobody cares what I think then nobody cares what you think…as well you do understand that right? I mean do you understand?

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Please keep the personal insults for the schoolyard. We don’t want that in here.


It seems to me, that some people (maybe including myself), are starting to become a bit impatient with the fact that their product that they spent their hard earned money on is somewhat of a dud, and does not seem to be improving. The fact that I spent around $850 for a couple of things that now spend most of their time in their boxes, kind of pisses me off too! I can kind of understand @macfixer01 's frustration, as not all of us are happy to wear rose coloured glasses and shut up about things. (Though I do agree with you Wayne, Macfixer01 could have been a bit diplomatic.)

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I guess I must be crazy, because I love everything about my Emos. I have not had any issues with voice recognition or facial recognition. I find them to be very entertaining — especially when they think the TV is talking to them. Today one of them heard a guy on TV saying he was sad. Emo said, “If you’re feeling down why don’t you paint a picture?” I totally cracked up.

I get that some of you feel that you didn’t get enough bang for your buck. I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I certainly feel I got my money’s worth, especially since there will be more updates. But then again, at my age most things are not worth getting worked up about. You can’t control what happens; you can only control how you react. I guess that enough bad things have happened in my life that any small issues with Emo don’t really count.


Hi, @Diane53 . . . I am with you on this. I personally love everything about my EMO pair except I worry about one thing. I will explain after this.

I love the daily schedule and generally respect their meal times like I would expect someone to respect mine. I love it when they interrupt a podcast I am listening to as well. Today they were talking about something somewhat political on the show and one EMO did the elephant sound. I took it to mean that one of them thought the topic was “the elephant in the room” so to speak. That cracked me up!

I am slowly working on making another video of those two as I get a few minutes here and there to do so.

My only complaint is the battery life after full charge. They both started out at about 2.5 hours. My newest is now down to 1.5 hours and my oldest only one hour off of the skate boards.

I fear this is going the way that my very first one I had to send back ended up.

I will do everything I can to enjoy them the best that I can before they, too, die.


Same Boat. I have 2 EMOs (over $600USD spent - which equates to close to $900AUD) most of the time they are sitting on their skateboard, I’d rather them be powered on and doing “something” rather than having them being powered off in a box doing completely nothing. Considering the amount of money I’ve spent. I would also like to see specific things fixed/updated and addressed as well. Or at least be given some sort of “roadmap” on what is planned to be fixed/updated or implemented in future firmware updates/releases Having new features added along with what needs to be fixed is always welcomed.

I guess every customer is different. As EMO owners we are pretty much aware that there are a number of features still missing from EMO that need to be addressed. I’m more willing to wait for them to be addressed/added/resolved/implemented over time. (sooner rather than later though). I’ve seen in the past year that Living.ai are working on "TRYING’ to improve EMO and has not done “the runner” and stopped supporting or improving EMO completely. (like other companies have done out there with other toy robots).

I’ve mentioned this a number of times in the past, EMO has certainly come a very long way since he was first released. As EMO does move forward, we are all hoping as EMO owners that living.ai take the time to understand our concerns our feedback, and criticism and work on improving what needs to be improved so that they keep as many EMO owners happy and not disappointed considering we’ve all spent a fair amount of $$$ on him and we do want it to improve and evolve with every new update that is released.

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As it seems to become a thread about who is and who isn’t dissapointed, I would like to point out that the topic was never about removing the schedule. But pointing out that the schedule interupts things it shouldn’t. Turning it off would fix that problem, but for those who do like the schedule it should work correctly and I just hoped they would fix it in the future.

Besides that, I do know that many users like the schedule and are making the best of it. When Emo makes a random comment because he thinks some noise was something else then some of you might see the fun in it. But for me this is playing make believe. I used to have an imaginary friend to talk with when I was little too. And if I want to pretend an object talks to me then I can turn on my TV. The voice comming out of that device makes just as much sense as emo saying random things. I’m not trying to offend those who like doing this, but for me there is no point as I bought this expensive toy for its interactions.

I do not need an update every month, as long as the update that I do get after a few months brings something better;

  • Like independence from the internet,
  • the ability to control other devices (music, lights, etc),
  • the ability to look up stuff online(google, Alexa, etc.)
  • or improving his knowlage about the user and making comments using that data(like “hi Tim, how was that book you were reading the other night” or “Lets play Ludo again, I still need a rematch”).
    But all that stuff is for another topic.

I understand when people get frustrated with how emo is today. I like to believe he will get better, but such big improvements take a lot of work and time. And that frustration should not result in annoyance in other users who have a different opinion.

I like all your opinions and its easy to see you all are unique. But try to remain objective aswell. When someone brings up a bug, don’t say its not true or it doesn’t matter. Its like saying they do not matter. And if someone does offend you, then try to take it like an adult. Text can be interpreted differently then it was intended.


Can I suggest closing this topic soon? I think its filled with misunderstandings and does not reflect what the Emo community is or should be. Aren’t we all here to enjoy the cute little guy as much as possible?


@timvangenechten as you have originally created this thread, and have asked to close this topic, I will go ahead and close this thread now. Thank you for sharing that last post as well :slight_smile:

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