Customization options

I won’t get my Emo for a bit, but I am already SUPER excited! Just curious, is there any plan in the works to add a little more customization i.e. change eye color, rename Emo, more headphones and costumes??


They’ve already accidentally released the functionality to change eye colour and then removed it.

Allowing a name change for EMO would be rough, no matter what they did it would most likely be harder to get his attention.

Regarding headphones and costumes, no idea o.o


Do you know why they removed it?? Thank you for answering! I would “like” your answer, but I’ve apparently reached my limit of approved likes. :joy::rofl::woman_shrugging:t3:


Either I use that button far too little or they remove the limit once you’ve been here for a while cx

They removed it since it wasn’t technically ready yet. There was a couple of colours that people had managed to use but it would always revert back after about 10 minutes. Essentially it was released by accident and then presumably removed until it’s ready.


Awesome! Thank you for the info! :smile:

If you’re interested in checking out the eye colour change for EMO, I was able to make a video of it before the feature was taken down. (it should be re-enabled once again soon in the future).

EMO does have 2 available costumes and 1 alternate headphone right now, but not sure if there will be more in the future. There was a special Santa costume pack but that is now out of stock. From what I’ve seen in the forum many users make their own EMO costumes as it’s not really hard to do :head:

I’ve not heard of anything related to being able to change EMO’s name to something else, but I believe there might be an option to change his nickname in the EMO App in the future as well (if you have more than 1 EMO so it’s easy to differentiate between them). But at the moment none of these are confirmed so this option is not available yet.

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Thank you for the info and the video!! :grin::raised_hands:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Hopefully we’ll have more accessories and features in the future.

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