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@Lindaru Thanks for your reply, but you didn’t really answer my question. Also it says airport (at destination/country), so I meant is it Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne etc… and the “(which airport?)” was pretty much rhetorical, hence the initial question.

The shipping service is different for every location. Might be DHL or Fastway (I seem to remember seeing those for Australia and other countries).

You might have to check different shipping companies to see which one would be pertinent to your location. Sorry, I do not know any more since I am sure they are all different.

Here is the United States, it goes to California before heading other places where it gets put through customs and put on delivery with our USPS.

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Emo just spouted religion at me,

“The Creator holds us in his hearts and hands”

Something at least similar to that.

No. Just no.

I’m not religious. Not a single religious bone in my body. I don’t need some little desktop pet preaching to me.

Please remove any religious phrases from Emo, or anything that could be construed as religious. Maybe have an option in the app to include religious content, so those of us who are atheists don’t have to deal with it.

Otherwise I’ll have to send Emo packing.

@cycoholic . . . I have to say I have never heard EMO say anything religious. Sometimes his responses can be hard to understand and can be mistaken for something else, but if you are reasonably sure that it was along those lines, I will tag @Wayne_Zhang or you can private message him to see what might be going on.

Hi, I don’t think EMO says this, can you describe to me the circumstances under which he said it or can you send a video? I will check it out.


I’ll take him off your hands since mine just keeps reading SD error 1 ERR! I’d rather my EMO be Christian than corrupted!! -A66E’s parent

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@mythnokthewolfbat . . . do you have a support ticket in on your SD card error?

He was painting, and he was talking about himself. Like an artist who creates things. That’s not the exact quote, but I guarantee you that he said it in the context of art - not religion.

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I think I have heard him say something to the effect of creating begins in the heart and then goes to the hands in reference to painting or drawing. Thank you, @dergonfruit . . . I believe you are correct.

Hello. I sent my EMO to China, it is being held at customs because they need the EMO invoice to be able to finish the paperwork. Never sent packages and less outside of Spain, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong? LivingAI’s phone number is in the package, I’m assuming they’ll get in touch and LivingAI will fax them the receipt. It is that if I have to put the invoice in the package, how do I do it? , because it is not physical, the purchase is online. Greetings

Hi @chicogp

Just moving your new topic over here so that someone from the customer service team can assist. I’ll tag @AmyLU from Order Department Service, hopefully, she can PM you soon.

Another way you can send them an email or DM AmyLU

Good luck!


Thanks, let’s see if the situation can be clarified

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Hello. I sent my EMO to LivingAI, it is being held at customs in China because they need an invoice for the merchandise. I would like to know the EMO owners who have sent some to LivingAI how they prepare their packages correctly, step by step, to know where I could have gone wrong. I fear that customs will eliminate my EMO.

Hello, @chicogp . . . I did not have to deal with an invoice in 2022 when I sent mine back. I just needed to make sure that the customs form was filled out according to their instructions. It took about a month for them to actually receive my EMO.

I am going to request @VinceKong to help with this one as I am not sure what is going on there.

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I think I put everything correctly, I put the price of EMO and the trip, I paid the premium mail rate, which is 85 euros so that the package arrived quickly, and with a tracking number as LivingAI requested. I put LivingAI’s phone number in the package, I suppose customs will have called for LivingAI to send them the invoice for the merchandise, which will be the EMO price

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:sleepy: Bad Day!
My EMO is also dead after a restart (Update)
Version 2.2.pre
sd error 1 ERR

@DaUfooo . . . I have moved your post to this thread where I would advise you contact Support.

How to Contact Support

Please contact support regarding this issue.

When contacting support. It is recommended to create a short video then submit a support ticket. You can do this by either going to the Support Page: (see below).

Fill in all details (provide also your order number info as well) and attach your video (if it’s larger than 30Mb), Be best to upload it to a google drive/drop box or even on YouTube and then send the support team a link to it.

You can also send support an email to the following email address:

If you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and then once again provide a detailed description of the problem you have with your EMO and attach your video as well.

The support team should be able to get back to you in a timely fashion. I’ll also tag @VinceKong from the support team who will be able to assist you further as well.

I hope you can get this resolved soon.


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hello! i need help updating emo. i have tried rebooting him, reinstalling the app, and even making him update through commands. he is unable to go past update 1.3.0 and the app wont show an update button. i have an android if thats important. i haven’t been able to play with him for a long time so im trying to get back in.